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Choosing a Groomer

Imagine this......... you go through life never being bathed, having your hair brushed, or your hair and nails trimmed. Just think how you would look and feel. Grooming is a vital part of you pet's life and well-being. To be a healthy and happy pet, your furry companion needs basic grooming as well. In most cases, a pet's owner can handle such things as bathing, hair brushing, and other simple grooming procedures. In fact, this regular interaction will help to build a close bond between you and your pet, and keeps you informed of the condition of its fur, skin, teeth, nails, and ears.

Grooming is more than just a haircut. It may include bathing, combing, brushing, clipping nails, cutting or shaving hair mats, cleaning ears, and controlling external parasites.

It is important to spend some quality time in your search for a Groomer. After all, this is the person that you are trusting with your pet's welfare, and appearance. Start with a recommendation from a friend, Veterinarian, boarding kennel, dog trainer, pet supply store, or animal shelter. Check the Yellow Pages under Pet Grooming.

After narrowing your search, call Groomers to ask about services offered, costs, and hours of operation. One very valuable consideration is whether they sedate animals for grooming. This is of vital importance for the health and welfare of your pet. If they do sedate, what method, how are they monitored, who sedates, and what steps are taken in the event of complications. Request the names of a few clients to interview prior to making a final selection.

Also, prior to deciding to use a particular Groomer, tour their facility. There are a few factors to consider when taking your tour.

Is the facility well lit?

Does the facility look and smell clean?

Does the staff appear caring and knowledgeable?

Do they handle pets gently?

Are cages adequate size?

Do they cage cats and dogs in separate areas?

Are pets monitored frequently, to prevent over-heating during blow-drying?

Does the Groomer keep complete pet records?

Your personal observations will go a long way toward assisting you in making the right decision for your pet. After all, your pet will not be able to return home and tell you if is was mistreated. The best way to deal with mistreatment is to prevent it.
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