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Ahhhhaaaa! I caught you looking at me. I am a former companion to Bella. Oh, by the way, I am Oliver, and I am a 2 month old Shepard mix. See Bella and I were brought to the shelter together. Man, it did not make it ant easier to come here even with someone else. Hey, don't get me wrong, the shelter people are good to us and take the best care of us that they can. When we got to the shelter, they gave us some vaccinations, I heard them say something about a 4 in 1 shot and Bordetella vaccines. I think that is what they gave Bella and me. That was to try and keep me healthy until they can find us a home. They are really trying to find us a home, but I know that with the number of animals coming in each week, we are eventually going to run out of time. It is $35 cash to adopt me and after I have been neutered my new owner will get $25 back. My ID number is 7078.
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