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Scoot, shuffle, shuffle.....scoot, shuffle, shuffle. Oh excuse me, I was just easing along through the animal shelter saying hi to all of my cell kennel mates. Hi there, my name is Scooter. I am a Border Collie that needs you! Yep, just like Uncle Sam would say "I NEED YOU!" A loving home would make me a very happy boy. I like to run and that has gotten me into a pickle of a mess. I was just doin' my thing, meandering through the neighborhood and someone called in on me. One of the Animal Control Officers, just doing his job, picked me up and now I am in "Doggie Jail" If only my owner would have cared enough to keep me home or to at least put ID tags on me, I would not be in my homeless situation now. I am $35 cash to adopt and after proof of my neuter, $25 will be returned to you. My ID number is 7265.
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