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Summer Care

Summertime, while a wonderful time for families, vacations and getting outside, can provide some serious challenges for pets. Some of these challenges, can actually prove to be dangers that can be unhealthy to even deadly for pets.

Summer heat and pets can spell absolute disaster for both you and your pet.

Pets in automobiles, can end in death for a pet and with a jail sentence for an owner. Even with the windows partially rolled down, the heat inside of an automobile can build very quickly. Never leave your pet unattended in a parked car. On warm days, the temperature in your car can rise to 120 degrees in a matter of minutes, even with the windows opened slightly. Furthermore, an animal left alone in a car is an invitation to pet thieves. Heat stroke is just as deadly for pets as it is for humans.

Grooming is a major concern for pets, especially for those pets that have longer, thicker fur.

Summer is the time of year that many peple fertilize their lawns and work in their gardens. But beware: plant food, fertilizers, and insecticides can be fatal if your pet ingests them. In addition, more than 700 plants can produce
physiologically active or toxic substances in sufficient amounts to cause harmful effects in animals.

Summer time is also a prime time for heartworms, as this is when mosquitoes are active. Check with your Veterinarian to see if your pet should be taking heartworm prevention medication. Heartworm disease, spread by mosquitoes, can be deadly in cats and dogs.

Pets and pools can equal a devistating disaster. Prevent free access to pools and always supervise a pet in a pool.

Pets need exercise even when it is hot. However, extra care should be taken with older dogs, short-nosed dogs, and those with thick coats. On very hot days, limit exercise to early morning or late evening hours. Keep in mind that asphalt gets very hot and can quickly and severely burn your pet's paws. 

Another summer time threat is fleas and ticks. Use only flea and tick treatments and preventitives that are Veterinarian approved and recommended. Some over-the-counter products can be toxic, even when used as directed. This is especially true with pets that may have allergic reactions to these medications.

Sunburn can also be a concern for pets. Pets with light-colored noses or light-colored fur on their ears are especially vulnerable to sunburn and skin cancer.

Crowds and noise can be debilitating issues for pets. Don't take your pet to crowded summer events such as concerts, fairs, and fireworks. The loud noises and crowds, combined with the heat, can be stressful, dangerous and even deadly for pets. Also, be aware of pyrotechnic celebrations near your home, that can cause your pet to become scared to the point of being being terrified and even running away in fear.

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